Gorgeous private dinner party for Eva Longoria hosted in the Monte Vista home of Henry R. Muñoz III.
Decor by Statue of Design, tents by Luxe Event Decor, tables and chairs by Liv by Design Events, and food by chef Jason Dady.

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Garden of Eva: Eva Longoria Dinner Party currently has 6 comments.

  1. Liv Toepfer

    We are thrilled to have provided the white tables & chairs from The Good Life Furniture Collection! We loved how it all turned out – great pics! Stunning centerpiece by Statue of Design and love the boutique tents by Raj Tents!

  2. Jenny DeMarco

    Ginger!!!!! This popped up on my feed from the lady that does owns the farm tables you photographed and it made me so happy to see what you were up to! XOXOXO


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