Photo by Rebecca Kiger

Photo of Ginger by Rebecca Kiger

Our passion is providing meaningful photos for our clients. We come together for our clients as a team;  Ginger as the photographer, and Mario as the designer. We work together to document your relationships and milestones that make a life, in a style that won’t be dated in 50 years.

For us, it’s really about your relationships, the chance to pause and think about who we love and why, and celebrate that. Your mother with her grandchildren, your daughter with her brothers, you and your children both individually and one-on-one with mom and dad. From pudgy little newborn hands to the beautifully wrinkled hands of your grandmother who has been there for so many milestones in your life. You and your spouse, in a portrait your grandkids will study, long after the photo was taken. 

We bring a unique perspective to not only capture how you or your loved ones looked that day, but more importantly how it felt

We would love to hear your story; please drop us a line to get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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